All Participants in the PVJSL are required to comply with the Zero Tolerance Policy regarding coach, player, and spectator behavior.

1:         GAME RULES.

Current MYSA, MTOC, and FIFA Rules shall govern with exceptions as noted hereafter.



The oldest player on the team roster determines the division a team is required to play.  A player cannot be listed on more than one roster in the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League.  Any club who fails to register a team within the time provided by the league Registrar is subject to a fine of $100 per team.


            2a:       PLAYER TRANSFERS.   A team is permitted a maximum of three (3) player transfers during a seasonal playing year, (September 1, through August 31). These transfers are based upon the standard eighteen (18) player maximum roster. Players may be added to bring the player roster to its maximum eighteen (18) players. The replacement of an affiliated player with an affiliated play­er from another team is a transfer, which is counted against both clubs participating in the transfer. The release of an affiliated player from another club and his replacement by a previously affiliated player counts as a transfer. Official roster forms must be in the hands of the League before any player can participate in league play. Subject to change by M.Y.S.A, no additions to team rosters will be allowed after May 31. Teams will be allowed to register a maximum of eighteen (18) players per team or fourteen 14 players on a modified field. (U9 and Ul0).


    2b:   MIXED GENDER ROSTERS.    In the event that a team has a mixture of boys and girls on the roster, it shall be considered a boys team and be assigned in a boys division.


            2c:        RESIDENCY RULE.  All players must register for a team within the city or town where they reside if an age appropriate team is available in that city or town. If a team has an out of town player on its roster, the team must play up one age group above the out of town player’s age bracket.  The Board of Directors may grant a waiver of this rule where the hometown releases the player and the waiver does not conflict with MYSA rules.   Waivers may be granted for:

1)   a player involved in divorce or custody circumstances,

2)   a school choice student playing for a team in the town where he or she attends school, or

3)   a player on a team affiliated with a church, temple or fraternal organization where the player is a member.


            2d:       PREMIER PLAYER.    A team with a player who is dual-rostered with a team that plays in a premier league must  place an (X) to the left of his or her name on the roster.   A team with a premier player on its roster must play up one age group above the premier player’s bracket unless:

1. The premier player resides within the team’s hometown, or

2. No age appropriate PVJSL team is available in the premier player’s hometown.

Any team with a premier player whose principle place of residence is outside town borders is ineligible for MOTOC play without a waiver from the League Registrar. Any team registered for state cup play is not eligible for post-season play or division championship in the spring season.


            2e:       PLAYER INFORMATION.  Each club and coach is responsible for verifying all player registration pertaining to age, address, phone num­bers to be correct and up to date. Proof of age, (birth certificate, board of health record, passport, alien card) shall be made available to the league upon request. Any changes to player registrations must be made known immediately to the league. Failure to do so could result in the entire team and coaching staff being suspended from the league without refunds.


Any player misrepresenting his/her age will be suspended for the rest of the season. Any coach/manager knowingly using over-aged players will be immediately suspended for the rest of the season and only readmitted to the league after applying in writing, showing cause for re-admittance.  Any organization in which one or more teams have been determined by the president to be carrying over-aged players shall be suspended for two years from any participation in league activities, and may be readmitted to the league only after applying in writing to show cause for re-admittance.

3:                     PASSES.

No team will be allowed to play without proper player passes. The league will allow USSF passes. In this case the team will be registered as a travel team and proper full affili­ation fees paid.


            3a:       COACH PASS.  A coach pass approved by the league is required for eligibility to coach or assist in a league scheduled game.




The following requirements will apply to both boys and girls divisions in the League.

U.S.Y.S.A. Age Group Listing

2018 - 2019 Seasonal Year

September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019






(born on or after)






AUGUST 1, 2009





AUGUST 1, 2008






AUGUST 1, 2007





AUGUST 1, 2006

U12 DIV.l





AUGUST 1, 2005




(30 min Fall Season)







AUGUST 1, 2004

U14 DIV. I





AUGUST 1, 2003





AUGUST 1, 2002





AUGUST 1, 2000





AUGUST 1, 1999




Home team shall provide a regulation game ball as per specifications of the League. The suitability of the ball is up to the judgment of the referee.


5:                       LEAGUE and DIVISION   STRUCTURE.

A minimum of five (5) teams is required to have regular competition in each division. Division I, Division II and Division Ill in each age group will be established if enough teams are registered in those divisions.


            5a:        OPEN ENTRY U-9, U10, and U11 and RELEGATION SYSTEM.  Teams entering at the U9, U10 and U11 shall request a division based on the club’s best estimate of the team’s competitive level.  Thereafter, teams in U9 and U10 will be placed in a division based on their experience and at the discretion of the league BOD.   For the spring season, the 8 teams with the best record in U11 Division 1 shall remain and any other teams in Div. 1 will be dropped to a lower division.  Teams with the best fall season record in U11 Division 2 will not be entitled to move up to Division 1 for the spring season.


In all other age groups, teams with the two best records in Division II will move the following season to Division I and the two teams with the worst records in Division I will move down to Division II. This will occur regardless of the status of the premier players on the roster. New teams must enter at a Division II level or lower and earn their way to Division I, which will be limited to 8 teams.


6:                     FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS.

All league fees must be paid before the start of the season; otherwise the team will be removed from the regular schedule. All teams must complete league obligations during the course of the season including financial commitments; otherwise the team could be disqualified from participating in state tournaments or out of state tournaments and league play. Teams not completing all financial league obligations will be required to post a cash bond in an amount determined by the BOD before the start of the next season, or they will not be allowed to participate in the league.


            6a:       AFFILIATION.   Affiliation with MYSA for all teams, coaches and players must also be accomplished fourteen days prior to the start of league play, otherwise the team, club, player, or coach will be disqualified from participating in the league and a $50/day fine will be assessed.


            6b:   DROPPED TEAM.  Any team, which drops out after registration, will be subject to a $500 fine. The club will be on probation for the following season, and a $100 additional bond per team will be required.


            6c:  CLUB RESPONSIBILITY.  Any costs assessed to the League by any parties, resulting from the act or omission of any team or player will be the responsibility of the club concerned. (e.g. MTOC forfeits, game forfeits, property damage, etc.). Each club or organization is responsible for the fines of their member teams. All fines must be paid within seven days or the organization may be suspended by majority vote of the BOD. Fines will carry over to the following season and non­payment will result in the disallowance of any future registration by the club or team.


            6d:  BONDS.   The BOD may require any team or club to post a bond before playing in the league where the league determines the ability or intent of the team to meet it’s financial obligations to the league may not be met



At no time will alcoholic beverages be allowed before, during or after the game on or off the field. The league will not make any exceptions to this rule. The rule will apply to coaches, managers, team representatives, players, fans and followers.


8:                     REFEREE’S RESPONSIBILITIES.

The referee is responsible for the conduct of the game. The referee keeps the time of the game. The referee is the sole judge of the suitability of the field and its equipment, the players’ uniforms and equipment. The referee will conduct the game according to the “laws of the game”.

The referee shall:

1)                    Have discretionary power from the time he enters the field of play to record and caution any player or coach guilty of misconduct or ungentlemanly behavior, and if he persists, to suspend him from further participation in the game.

2)                    Have discretionary power to stop the game for any infringement of the laws and to suspend or terminate the game by reasons of elements, interference, by spectators, he deems such stop is necessary.

3)                    Have discretionary power to suspend from further participation in the game, without previous caution, a player guilty of violent and dangerous conduct.

4)                    Allow no person other than the players to enter the field of play without permission.

5)                    Enforce the laws and decide any disputed point. His decision on points of fact connected with play shall be final so far as the result of the game is connected.

6)                    Will not have the authority to award a win or tie to a team as a result of a stopped or suspended game. The BOD will make this decision after review of the circumstances.


            8a:  REFEREE NO SHOWS.  When a referee does not arrive 5 minutes before a scheduled game time, the game shall be played as scheduled with a referee agreed upon by both coaches involved. Said referee must keep a game report and indicate that he/she is a substitute. Such substitute referee will be paid according to the PVJSL scale of fees.  It is important that both coaches make every reasonable effort to have the game played at the scheduled time.  The failure to do so may result in fines or forfeiture.


            8b: REFEREE REPORTS. Coaches will hand to the referee a pre-printed roster, and the referee will maintain a contemporaneous game report which the referee will provide to the league, together with the player or coach pass of any person ejected from the game, within 48 hours after completion or as otherwise requested by the league. The referee report will be the official record of the game. Referees must clearly note any important information in relation to the game including ejections or cautions.

            8c: Referee Enforcement of PVJSL Safety Rules: PVJSL does not allow the following items for purpose of player safety, no jewelry of any kind. No Metal Hair clips, No Hair Paint or glitter on the face or hair. There are absolutely No Casts of any kind allowed during play regardless of the ability to cover with foam or padding. In addition to these items the referee has full authority to disallow any item that he or she feels would injure the player with the item or other players on the field. This might include knee braces with exposed metal braces, or other supports using metal bracing.



Properly sized and safe fields are the responsibility of the home team. All fields should be lined and all goal posts should contain nets.

Prior to the scheduled time a game is to be played, the person, group, or department, which has control of the field, will make decisions regarding whether to close a field due to unplayable conditions, otherwise it shall be the referee’s responsibility to determine if the field is playable.


In the event that the game is stopped by the referee and not restarted due to field or weather conditions, the following will apply:

1.        If the game is stopped prior to the end of the first half or beginning of the 2nd half, it will be replayed in its entirety with the starting score being 0-0.

2.       If the game is stopped after the start of the 2nd half, it will be counted as a game played, and the score will stand.



UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY COACHES RESCHEDULE LEAGUE GAMES. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN A FORFEIT OF GAME BY BOTH PARTICIPATING TEAMS. The league cannot accommodate requests for reschedules regardless of the reason; with the only exception being for games cancelled or called by the referee.  All games are scheduled to start at specified times. The referee will allow a 10-minute period before the start of each game if either home team or visiting team is not ready to play.  


            10a:      MINIMUM NUMBER OF PLAYERS. If the minimum of 7 eligible players (5 for modified fields) is in uniform on the field of play at the sched­uled time, the game must start, or the BOD may declare a forfeit.


            10b:      TEAM “NO SHOWS”. If a coach calls the Board of Directors to indicate that the team will not be showing for a game more than 7 days prior to the game, the team will be given a warning and will be placed on probation. In addition, a $100 fine will be assessed. If that same team calls for a second “no-show”, the team will pay a $200 fine and will be suspended from the league. In the event a coach FAILS to call in accordance with this rule and the team does not show for the game, the team will be fined $200 and will be placed on probation.



Coaches are required to review with all players prior to the beginning of each season the rules of play of the PVJSL, as well as, the laws of the game as described by FIFA. The elements of good sportsmanship must also be reviewed prior to each season of play. Any coach who fails to review the laws and rules of the game with their players prior to the season and is involved in a breach of those laws or rules could be suspended, at a minimum, for the remain­der of that season. Coaches are required to comply with the Zero Tolerance Policy of the PVJSL.


    11a:  DISCIPLINE.   Coaches and managers are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players, and their fans at all league matches. Abusive and obscene language, racial and/or ethnic disparagement, violent play, violent conduct, fighting and other behavior detrimental to the game will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the league BOD. In the event of violations, the BOD may assess fines, probation, suspensions and forfeitures.


            11b: COACHES MEETINGS. At least one official coach from each team is required to attend the preseason coaches meeting. The failure to attend shall result in a fine.


            11c:   SAFETY TRAINING. All Coaches are required to complete the American Red Cross CPR and Sport Safety Training program.


            11d:  PAY REFEREE AT THE FIELD Prior to the beginning of the game, each team is responsible to pay ½ of the referee fee established by the league.  In the event of a team “no show” the referee will be paid a fee by the league and the team that fails to show will be assessed costs and fines.


            11e:      PROVIDE COPY OF ROSTER Prior to the beginning of the game, each team is responsible for supplying the referee a current copy of their league approved roster with player numbers and other pertinent information completed on the form.

            11f:       TWO COACHES ON SIDELINE RULE:.PVJSL allows only two coaches on the players side of the field during games. If one of the two rostered coaches is unable to attend any coach with a PVJSL authorized coaching pass can substitute for the missing coach, if there is no coach with a pass available an assistant without a pass will be allowed, however, this individual must comply with all regulations regarding coaching behavior and discipline and this individual can be subjected to the same penalties as coaches for rules/zero tolerance policy violations.

 12:       UNIFORMS.

Uniforms are to consist of a shirt, shorts, socks and footwear, which may be either official soccer boots or sneakers, at individual option. No team can play without shirts and the shirts must have numbers on the back. In the event two teams have similar colors, the home team will be required to change. It is the responsibility of the referee to notify the home team of a color coordination problem. This cannot be construed to mean that a team may play without shirts or without numbers. The referee will make the decision on the field if there is a problem with the uniform colors. Shin guards are mandatory for all divisions.



During the course of the game both team benches will stay on the same side of the field. Fans must observe the game

from the sideline opposite the players. Failure to comply with this rule could result in a forfeiture, at the discretion of the

Board of Directors.



Female players may use their arms to protect the upper part of their bodies by crossing their arms over the upper part of the body flat against the chest. They may not use their arms to trap or direct the ball. Girls or boys will not be allowed to wear jewelry during the game.



Substitutions shall be unlimited except for when specified otherwise in the rules and regulations for special competition.

Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

a. Prior to a throw in your favor.

b. Prior to a goal kick by either team.

c. After an Injury by either team when the referee stops the play.

d. After a goal by either team.

e. At halt-time.


Managers, coaches, or players must leave the playing field area (complex) when ejected from the game and may not in any way after ejection from the game remain in the bench area. A manager, coach or player who has been ejected or suspended may not return to his or her team in any capacity until such time as the suspension has been lifted. Failure to abide by this rule could mean permanent suspension from the league, and said suspension shall remain in effect even if appealed.


Any player ejected from the game for any reason will be automatically suspended for the next regularly scheduled of post-season league game. Coaches ejected from the game for any reason may be automatically suspended for the next three league games or playoff games. No substitution may be made for the ejected player. The team must play short for the rest of the game.


Any player, coach or team official physically or verbally attacking a referee will be suspended a minimum of one year, or indefinitely if the ejection is thought serious enough by the BOD.


A referee may end a game if players, coaches or fans do not comply with applicable rules.


            16a:      VIOLENT PLAY.   In cases of violent play or fighting, any player or coach found responsible shall be suspended for one year from the date of the incident. In the event of players leaving the bench to enter the field to participate in a fight, the coach and manager must appear before the Board of Directors for a hearing to determine whether or not the team should be suspended for the remainder of the season.


            16b:      Coaches are expected to provide support to referees at all times. Coaches, managers or team rep­resentatives will not be permitted to disrupt games or hand out physical or verbal abuse to players or referees. Failure to comply with this rule could result in loss of all games for the remainder of the season, Any coach, manager or team representative who threatens a referee, either verbally or physically, could be suspended permanently from further participation in the league. This rule will apply to action committed before, during or after the game.


            16c:      BEHAVIOR OF FANS.  Fans will not be permitted to disrupt games or hand out physical or verbal abuse to players or referees. Failure to comply with this rule in controlling fans must be placed in the hands of the individual clubs and particularly team coaches. Failure to comply with this rule can result in loss of all games for the remainder of the season. The coach, manager, or team representative may be suspended a minimum of one year or more if the reason for ejection is thought serious enough by the league BOD.


            16d:      TWO RED CARDS.   The Board of Directors may suspend any player who receives two red cards during the season for one year from the date of the incident.


            16e:      THREE YELLOW CARDS.  Any player who receives three yellow cards during the season will be suspended automatically for one game.


            16f:       CARRY OVER.    Suspensions will carry over to the following season from the day of the incident, until fully served.

            16g:      ZERO TOLERANCE VIOLATIONS.    Beginning with the Spring 2007 season Referees will be authorized to stop games for any player, coach, fan or any person in violation of the PVJSL Zero Tolerance Policy. This authorization will be handled in the following manner: The referee will momentarily stop the game and alert the coaches of both teams that a person has become vocal/disruptive/unruly to the point of violating the PVJSL Zero Tolerance Policy. The coaches will determine which team this person belongs to, and then ask that person to leave the field area immediately. If the person fails to comply the referee is authorized to end the game immediately by showing a blue card or telling the coach his/her team is being given a blue card. The team to which the violating person is part of will forfeit the game, the club that the team belongs to will be fined $100 and must pay that fine at the next open PVJSL office date or the club will not be allowed to participate in any schedule games until the fine is paid. There will be no appeals of the violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy

.17:      PROTESTS.

The referee must be notified at the field, during the game or at the final whistle if a protest is intended. The league president must be notified of an intended protest within 24 hours of the completion of the game. The protest, in writing, must be submitted with a $200 deposit (refundable if the protest is upheld) to the league president within 48 hours of the completion of the game. The league shall act upon all properly submitted protests within 5 days of the game and the decision of the Board and protest committee shall be final. No protests will be allowed on judgment calls of the referee.. The decision of the Board and/or protest committee shall be final. Per USYSA rules, no party to a protest may engage the services of an attorney.



All scores must be reported through use of the league computer web site. The home team is responsible for reporting all scores. A score should be reported the same day the game is played. All scores must be reported within 48 hours of the end of the game. Teams not reporting scores will be subject to loss of points, fines and suspensions. Each coach is responsible for maintaining a complete list of the scores throughout the season for each game, including goals for and

Goals against.


19:        STANDINGS.

U-11 through U-19: Three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss or no game. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be division winner. In the event of a tie for the division lead, the league will schedule a time and field for a playoff game to determine which team will be division winner.


If ties exist for other playoff positions the Board of Directors will look at the teams involved and how they fared in head-to-head competition. Head-to-head will only be considered in a two way tie. League statistics will then be reviewed to determine standings based on most wins, then least goals allowed.


            19a:      U9 and Ul0.   No outcome-based awards will be given in age groups younger than U-11 and no official stand­ings will be kept for publication for such age groups.



The league, to the extent legally permissible, shall indemnify each member of the BOO, its officers and committee mem­bers against all liabilities and expenses. This shall include amounts paid and satisfaction of judgments, and compromise actions, suits, claims, or other proceedings and penalties and attorney and counsel fees reasonably incurred by them in connection with defense or disposition of any action, suit, or other proceedings, civil or criminal, in which he/she may be involved while in office or thereafter, by reason of them having been an officer, and/or committee member. The right of indemnification hereby provided shall not be exclusive or affect any other rights to which the officer or committee mem­ber may be entitled. As used here the term officer, and/or committee member, includes their heirs, executives, and administrators. The league may purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of all persons who may be indemnified against liability incurred by him or her in any such capacity arising out of his/her status as an officer or committee mem­ber, whether or not the league would have the power to indemnify him/her against liabilities hereunder.


21:        APPEALS.

USYSA and MYSA appeals bylaws shall apply to all organizations, clubs, players and coaches of the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League. No affiliate of the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League shall limit or deny a player, coach, team, etc. to appeal an action of the Board of Directors. The appeals procedure of the PVJSL shall follow the procedure outlined in the USYSA appeals bylaw. When an appeal is made to the PVJSL Board of Directors, secondary to an action they have taken, an appeals committee shall be estab­lished consisting of no less than four (4) members of the Executive Council. Members of the Appeals Committee will not include representation from the involved clubs or organizations. The president or his designee of the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League Board of Directors shall chair the Appeals Committee but shall vote only in the case of a tie. An appeal must be made in writing within ten (10) days of the ruling. An appeal must be accompanied by a nonrefundable $200 check made payable to PVJSL. An appeal must include seven (7) copies of all documents pertinent to the appeal. The PVJSL Appeals Committee must hold a hearing, which all parties have been notified and invited, within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the written appeal. The PVJSL Appeals Committee will render a decision in writing to all parties in the appeal. Per PVJSL rules, no party to an appeal may engage the services of an attorney. In order to participate in a hearing an attorney must be a direct party to the appeal and be acting in the capacity of a coach, player or administrator and not as an attorney. Once the appeal decision has been reached and rendered by the PVJSL Appeals Committee further appeal may be made to the MYSA Appeals Committee pursuant to the Bylaws and procedures of MYSA.



The bylaws and exceptions to rules of play, or any section thereof, may be amended by simple majority vote of the BOD members present at a board meeting. In addition, changes may be proposed by any member of the Executive Council at the AGM and/or at a regularly scheduled Executive Council meeting, and approved by a simple majority vote of the voting members present. Providing the proposed change is made known in writing to the BOD and Executive Council seven days prior to the meeting.